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Xbox 360 Key Perth

Xkey for Xbox 360 is a revolutionary product from the WiiKey team that allows our Perth WA customers to play all their backup games off an external USB hard disk without the need to swap discs. The Xbox 360 key delivers what gamers have been waiting for ever since C4EVA cracked the DVD Firmware; a Xbox 360 USB Loader. The X360Key supports all Fat and Slim Xbox 360 consoles.

This Xbox 360 HDD Loader is packed with features allowing Xbox 360 games, Xbox 1 games, and even movies to all be stored on an external USB HDD. The Xkey is a Xbox 360 optical disc drive emulator and is also fully upgradeable via hard disk, a move that is extremely important considering new game protection Microsoft can implement.

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X360 Key Modchip

X360key – Xbox 360 Hard Drive Loader $199 Installed inc GST

The X360 Key works by emulating the Dvd-rom meaning that the Xbox 360 believes that the game on the USB hard drive is actually a disc in the drive. Unlike the Wasabi 360, Xkeys offer two ways of loading games a) directly through the Xbox 360 dashboard through the picture library (no need to get off the couch), and b) from the Xkey 360 control panel (an optional extra). This second option will allow control from the LCD screen if the dashboard method of loading games was ever blocked. Thankfully which ever way you want to boot games the X360Key is a simple enough for a child to use with only a few button clicks required.

So why choose the xk3y over other Xbox 360 loaders such as Wasabi x360 and the JTAG Reset Glitch Hack? For one the Xbox 360 ODE solutions like Xkey & Wasabi are much easier to use than JTAGs and therefore more suitable for the average gamer. Over Wasabi 360, the Xbox 360 key offers the forward thinking of a control panel with LCD (optional extra), allowing a second option to boot games. Most importantly however the x360 key is the more popular Xbox 360 hard disk mod which could equate in the end to better support. Whatever your choice our Perth Western Australia customers will be happy so ring on (08) 94573903, email us, or drop into our shop for more info.

Please Note: Xbox 360 Slim consoles manufactured after 2011-08-xx are not able to be modded. For more info on your Slim 360 version follow the link.

Optional Add-ons

  • Xkey Control Panel / LCD $30 bundled with Xkey or $50 by itself
  • Xkey WI-FI Dongle $39