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Xbox 360 Mod Perth

Xbox 360 mods should be handled by a specialist. At Console Ninja Perth we have been providing quality Xbox 360 modchip and Xbox flashing for years. In fact our X360 modding service can be performed in under 30 minutes, and we guarantee our price is cheapest in Perth Western Australia or we’ll price match.

Xbox 360 Slim chipping is also now available. Flashing your Xbox 360 allows you to run backup Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games from a disc or hard drive. Our full price list for all models and mods is listed below.

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Xbox 360 Mods Repair Price List

Which Xbox 360 Modchip Should You Choose?

iXtreme LT+ 3.0

  • Very Affordable
  • Plays Backup Games from Discs
  • Plays Most Overseas Backup Games
  • Looks & Feels like a non-modified Console
  • Price:  $99 Installed
  • More Info:  iXtreme L.Tplus 3.0

X360 Key

  • Plays Games from a USB Hard Disk
  • Quicker to Load
  • Boot Games from the 360 Dashboard
  • Boot Games from Control Panel
  • Great Support by the WiiKey Team
  • Price:  $199 installed
  • More Info:  Xbox 360 Key

Wasabi 360

  • Plays Games from a e-SATA Hard Disk
  • Even faster loading thanks to e-SATA
  • Boot Games from the 360 Dashboard
  • Sleek Clip In Design, Looks Factory
  • Price: $149 installed
  • More Info: Wasabi x360 Ultra

JTAG Reset Glitch Hack

  • Play Games from a internal or USB Hard Disk
  • Backup Games to an internal or USB Hard Disk
  • Unlimited Internal HDD size inc. 1 Terabyte
  • Use your current Hard Disk saving you money
  • Play Homebrew Software
  • Full Region Free with ISO Hacking
  • Modify Game Maps, Features, & Cheats
  • Retro Game System Emulators
  • Play Homebrew Games
  • Price: $199 Installed
  • More Info:  Xbox 360 JTAG RGH Hack

iXtreme LT Ultimate v1.2

  • Play Game Backups from Disc
  • Same as LT 3.0, but for unmoddable DG-16D5S
  • Price Includes Xecuter Liteon DG-16D5S Replacement LTU PCB for 1175 & 1532 boards
  • We recommend JTAG or Xkey instead
  • Price: $249 installed
  • More Info:  iXtreme LTU Drive Mod

Xbox 360 Mod Price List (by drive)

Your DVD Drive Mods Available Price Installed

Original Fat Xbox 360

LiteOn 73450C, 83850C, 93540C, 0251C iXtreme LT+ 3.0All Hard Disk Mods $99
BenQ 62430C, 64930C, 04421C iXtreme LT+ 3.0All Hard Disk Mods $99
Toshiba Samsung MS25 & MS28 iXtreme LT+ 2.01-LT 3.0 not requiredAll Hard Disk Mods $99
Hitachi 32 to 59 iXtreme LT+ 2.0-LT+ 3.0 not requiredAll Hard Disk Mods $99
Hitachi 78 & 79 iXtreme LT+ 3.0All Hard Disk Mods $99

Slim Xbox 360 S

LiteOn DG 16D4S 9504, 0225, 0272,0401, 1071, iXtreme LT+ 3.0All Hard Disk Mods $99
LiteOn DG 16D5S 1175 & 1532 iXtreme LTU V1.2All Hard Disk Mods $199 or $249
Hitachi 0500 / 0502 iXtreme LTU V1.2 with Drive SwapTrinity Board: JTAG mod & XkeyCorona Board: JTAG mod & Xkey $199 or $279

Xbox 360 Mod iXtreme LT+ 3.0 – Fat Console $99 inc. GST

iXtreme LT+ 3.0 is now out supporting the new 16537 System Update and all other dashboard updates. Our Xbox 360 flash service allows direct boot of all Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 backup games, and allows overseas games to played.  iXtreme Lite Touch Plus is a mod for Xbox 360 that supports all game formats including XGD3, AP 2.5, all Waves, and AP2.6. New topology patching eliminates the need for AP25 DAE.bin changes which means no more updates should be required.  This X360 Mod is now fully installed for only $99.00 inc. GST.XGD3 Games are now supported thanks to LT-Max. Games include Gears of War 3, Driver San Francisco, and Rage. The newest iXtreme for Xbox 360 also boots AP2.5 games, thought his may require SSv3 patching through ABGX to work. Older mods including iXtreme LT and iXtreme 1.6 will show the “This disc is unreadable” error message. These games include Fable 3, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Assassin Creed: Brotherhood and Sims 3 among others.Most importantly iXtreme LT + 3.0, 2.01 and 2.0 will play all new wave 3, wave 4, wave 5, and wave 6 games. These disc-formats used to cause white Xbox 360 screens but no longer in fact a mod for Xbox 360 like iXtreme L.T. plus 2 from c4eva is considered “waveless” as the wave protection no longer matters. Of course all Xbox 360 flashing is backed by our price-beat guarantee, find a cheaper price in Perth & we”ll beat it.Please note while LT+ 3.0 is available for most Fat Console drives, the newest version for Toshiba-Samsung is LT 2.01 & for the early Hitachi 47-48 drives it”s LT 2.0. All games still work on these drives because they dont have XGD3 & AP-25 protection.To have your Xbox 360 modchipped whether its a Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro, or Elite simply drop into our shop, or call or email us for more info.

Xbox 360 Slim Mod- iXtreme LT+ 3.0 $99 inc. GST

This mod is for Slim Xbox 360 S consoles with a LiteOn DG-16D4S drive. For the rare Hitachi 0500 / 0502 & DG-16D5S equipped Slims look below. You can try out our how to identify what Slim you have page by the clicking the link above.Our Xbox 360 S mod chip – currently iXtreme LT + 3.0 – allows automatic boot of all backup games to date as well as some overseas games to be played even on the newest 16537 dashboard. Xbox 360 slim modding supports XGD3 and new AP25 & AP26 games like Forza 4, Driver: San Francisco, Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, COD: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Fable 3, and all new games released after November 2010. Xbox 360 S modding is also waveless meaning all waves boot without issue.Xbox 360 slim modded consoles are currently able to currently go on Xbox Live thanks to Rootkit technology which is used to the pass the Slim”s real-time XBL checks, however use at your own risk. Furthermore if you”re playing backup games online your console may be flagged for banning. For this reason we do not recommend using Xbox Live with backup games.Our Xbox 360 slim chips are also backed by our lowest price guarantee, find a better price in Perth and we will beat it!  So what are you waiting for? To have your Xbox 360 slim mod chip installed drop it down to our shop, call or email us for more info.

iXtreme LT Ultimate for Slim X360 $249 installed

Please note this mod is only for later model DG-16D5S & Hitachi 0502 / 0500 (Hitachi requires drive swap so $279) equipped Slim X360s. In most cases we recommend the Xkey mod instead.iXtreme LT Ultimate V1.2 is simply iXtreme LT+ 3.0 for Hitachi 0500 / 0502 & the later model LiteOn DG-16D5S drives as these drives have unmoddable DVD-ROM boards. As a result we need to replace your board with a Team Xecuter Unlocked PCB. For Hitachi drives we have to replace your entire drive hence the extra cost. The method also requires a temporary JTAG to recover the key of the DVD-ROM which is used in the modding process. This is the reason why JTAGing is cheaper for this console.Thankfully LTU includes all the same goodies as LT + and allows you to play all backup discs including many from overseas. So get into Console Ninja now for your LT Ultimate mod which includes the TX DG-16D5S Replacement PCB.

X360 Key – Play Backup Games off a USB Hard Drive $199 Installed

Xbox 360 Key aka Xkey is a Xbox 360 USB Loader which means that our Perth customers can load games to a USB Hard Drive and then play them with a click of the controller. This is great news as backups on x360key no longer require a burnt disc. On top of this Xkey 360 plays Xbox 1 games, movies, and of course Xbox 360 games including new XGD3, AP25, Wave, and multi disc formats. It is also compatible with both Fat and Slim Xbox 360 consoles. Sadly some later model Slim consoles require a temporary JTAG to retrieve the DVD key which we offer for an extra $50. Click here for how to identify your Xbox 360 Slim model.

Xk3y Xbox 360 is also upgradeable for bug tweaks, new features like the ability to rip games to the hard drive, and future game protection fixes. So why do we prefer Xkeys over other Xbox 360 hdd loader options? For one the LCD control panel (optional extra) offers an alternative solution to booting games. Secondly the x360key is made by the WiiKey team so we expect exceptional support from a team well known for innovation and product support. So be the first in Perth to have your Xbox 360 key installed, for more information click the link.

WASABI X360 – Xbox 360 Hard Drive Loader – Play Games off an ESATA HDD $149 Installed

The Wasabi 360 is a Xbox 360 hard disk mod for both the Xbox 360 S and the fatter, original 360 consoles. Team Wasabi have uncovered an exploit allowing our Perth Western Australia customers to store games on a e-SATA hard disk. Best of all however Wasabi 360 allows you to select and boot games from the official Xbox 360 dashboard. This means the Wassabi 360 is the easiest way to play your backup games with no need to swap discs or even leave the couch! Please note some later model Slim 360s require a temporary JTAG to retrieve the DVD-key, the cost on these models is an extra $50.

The Wasabi 360 Ultra – Xbox 360 USB Loader plays all Xbox 360 games to date inc. XGD3, AP2.6, AP25, Wave, multi-disc games, and even Xbox 1 games. So what makes the Wasabi Xbox 360 a cut above the other Xbox 360 loaders? 1) the extra speed e-SATA hard disks offer 2) the innovation from the Wassabi team and 3) the factory look of the console after the install. Click here for more information on the Wasabi 360

New Xbox 360 JTAG Reset Glitch Hack – Backup & Play Games Loaded from a Hard Disk Drive $199


So what is JTAG? A JTAG Xbox 360 hack allows gamers to run Xbox 360 homebrew software. This includes the ability to play & load games to the hard disk without requiring the disc in the drive. Best of all thanks to the reset glitch hack by Gligli & the Xecuter Coolrunner almost all consoles can now be jtaged including the Slim Xbox 360 S. A J TAG is considered the most hardcore of all Xbox 360 hard drive mods as not only does it allow backing up and playing games from an internal or external hard disk but also supports homebrew software. No other mod others the features of a Xbox 360 JTAG Hack.

Xbox 360 homebrew not only allows you to play retro games through game system emulators, but also achieve Xbox 360 region free through ISO Hacking, and includes software like XBR, Freeboot, Xell, Xbreboot, Freestyle Dash, and XexMenu. This X360 hack also allows you to modify 360 games for custom maps, cheats & features, play homebrew games, extract the DVD-Key off the NAND, and much, much more. For more information on the Xbox 360 JTAG mod click the link.

Xecuter Demon Dual NAND JTAG $299

The Demon is a Dual NAND JTAG for the Xbox 360. Similiar to the JTAG mod listed above, the Xecuter Demon will offer similar features but with the added benefit of being able to run a original NAND in order to use the console as standard. Furthermore with the release of Xecuter Fusion BIOS, you are able to run both Fusion and the current JTAG FreeBoot firmware on the same console. For more info on Xecuter Demon click here

Should I update my console dashboard after I have it modded?

For the last year or so dashboard updates have not been a problem for mods with the exception of JTAGs. However we recommend not updating your dashboard instead contacting us first and letting us know your details. For example there was update released around mid May 2011 which wrote to the DVDROM firmware and therefore deleted all iXtreme mods. With the release of iXtreme L.T. 1.9, 2.0 and 3.0 we can re-mod your console even after the troublesome update.

I had my Xbox 360 modified a while back but now it won’t play new games ?

The newest protection is XGD3 (released September 2011) adding support for the new 9GB Xbox 360 discs such as Forza 4, Driver: San Francisco, Gears of War, and much much more. Another protection scheme released December 2010 is AP2.5 and causes “This disc is unreadable” error messages or black screens on games like Fable 3, Assassin Creed: Brotherhood, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Sims 3 among others. Also previously users who had their console modified prior to mid 2010 will have troubles booting original (retail) Xbox 360 games that use a third-partition on the disc. This third partition is called Wave 6, Wave 5, Wave 4 or Wave 3 which sadly included the NXE dashboard update. Unfortunately older mods see this is a violation of stealth requirements and do not allow these new games to boot. The good news is that modding Xbox 360 consoles with the current i Xtreme L.T. + actually supports Wave-6, Wave-5, Wave-4 and Wave-3 retail and backup games so there is no need to stress while older firmwares like iXtreme L.T., iXtreme 1.61, iXtreme 1.6, and iXtreme 1.51 dont allow these games to be played. Some wave-4 games include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Tekken 6, Assassin Creed 2, and more. A small sample of wave-3 games include Resident Evil 5, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X., Major League Baseball 2k9, Guitar Hero Metallica, Tom Clancy’s HAWX, Velvet Assassin, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, PopCap Arcade Volume 2, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 – Senior Year, Monsters vs Aliens, Stormrise, Trivial Pursuit, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Afro Samurai, Leisure Suit Larry Box, Office Bust, The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena, and Silent Hill Homecoming. New Flash360 solutions have never been better and all future games are expected to be XGD3, AP2.5 or Wave-3+ so get now into Console Ninja to have your Xbox 360 chip installed or updated.

Once my Xbox is flashed or modded can I play on Xbox Live?

Update 24-5-13: Nothing has changed now in over a year! It seems Microsoft have given up!

Update 16-3-12: Currently going online with iXtreme LT+ 3.0 & LTU firmware is safe as long as you use original or correctly backed-up games. Go online at your own risk as this could change anyday. Xkey and Wasabi are also safe.

Update: 17-11-11: Do not go online! There is a silent update that will patch your AP2.5 tables causing your new backup games to no longer play. Furthermore if you are playing backup games online you will be flagged for banning. As always go online at your own risk. To fix this issue C4EVA is preparing iXtreme LT 3.0 which will be released after the new Microsoft dash in December.

Update 20-08-11: Updating to 13599 & 13604 with the wrong update process may get you banned on Xbox Live. Best bet is to give us a call to discuss your options.

Please note iXtreme LT 1.1 or lower is not safe for use with Xbox Live once you have updated the new November 2010 dashboard (the one with the fancy Xbox 360 logo bootup screen). With Xbox 360 modding we take no responsibility for users who are banned on Xbox Live, use at your own risk. For more info click here.

“Flash an xbox 360” guides use programs like jungleflasher (jungle flasher from team jungle) to Xbox 360 soft mod your console. There is nothing wrong with this but sadly the end effect can be a dead console as using any Xbox 360 flasher comes with it an inherent risk, one being losing the DVD-key. Unfortunately once this DVD key is destroyed the console is a bin job as the DVD key is paired to the motherboard. Flashing an Xbox 360 console or performing Xbox 360 software mod (s) is not an easy process, so leave it to the experts.

I updated my console after May 2011 to the Xbox 360 13599, 13146, or 13141 Update & now my backup games no longer work. What do i do?

Easy bring your Xbox 360 in for a new mod. iXtreme 1.9 now supports both the 13141 and the 13146 dashboards while 1.91 & 2.0 supports 13599 and 13604. AP2.5 Games will however have to be re-burnt. iXtreme LT 2 by C4EVA and Team Xecuter is now out and adds support for XGD3 Disc Format. iXtreme LTplus 3.0 with The Silver Bullet utilizing dae.bin corrections defeats new XGD3 protection

Will The New Xbox 360 S (Xbox 360 Slim) Be Moddable?

UPDATE: All current Xbox 360 Slim consoles can now be modded. Look above for more details

… A new slim console has launched in Australia in July 2010 that will be a slimmer version of the original console. The Slim Xbox 360 will include a 250GB Hard Disk standard and a power port for Microsoft’s new Kinect motion controller. Sadly the Xbox 360 S will not support some older Microsoft peripherals including Hard Drives and Memory Units making it a terrible choice for those who have the original Xbox 360 hard drives. We can also confirm The New Xbox 360 has a new currently unmoddable (now moddable) LiteOn DG-16D4S with firmware 9504 (iXtreme LT+ Xbox 360 S mods are now out for the 9504) so if you want to mod your console stay away from these new Slim Xbox 360 S as the Xbox 360 slim software mod is not yet out. Flash Xbox 360 Slim options are now available.

XBOX 360 Game Backup Devices

LiteOn 0800 v3 Kreon Drive $79 inc GST.

We are offering a limited run of new Kreon Drives which are flashed with C4EVA’s 0800 v3 firmware supporting even the newest XGD3 format games. Based on the Xbox 360 LiteOn 74850C DVD-ROM drives (you cannot mount these drives in your PC, they must be hooked up externally outside your PC case), you can use these drives to backup Xbox 360 games to your PC hard disk in ISO format which are then easily burnt by IMGBURN. Please note this not a DVD Writer but as any run-of-the-mill DVD DL Burners can write the ISO format, your PC should already be well equipped. The LiteOn 0800 v3 supersedes older Kreon Samsung SH-D162 & SH-D163 Drives which cannot burn new XGD3 format games. To grab your Lite-On 0800 v3 drive drop into our store or call us on (08) 94573903.

Lite-On iHAS124B iXtreme Burner Max for XGD3 Game Burning $69 inc GST

Our LiteOn Burner Max Drive allows XGD3 Games to be fully burnt thanks to C4EVA and his special iXtreme Burner Max firmware. While it is true that any burner can copy XGD3 games, they work by leaving out the last three percent of the disc’s data leaving the backup easily detectable as fake on Xbox Live. For this reason we sell our LiteOn iHAS124B with the Burner Max firmware pre-installed which can be easily fitted into your PC so drop into our store or call (08) 94573903 for more info. Please note this product requires Verbatim MKM001 & MKM003 DVD+R DL Discs and we take no responsibility that using the iHA124B Burner will keep you safe on Xbox Live.

iXtreme LT+ Drive Mod History

iXtreme Ver. Suits 360 Dashboard Features
iXtreme LT+ 3.0 All dashboards inc 16507, 16203, 16202, 16197, 15574, 15572 & earlier Topology eliminating the need change mod everytime AP25 DAE.bin is updated
LT Ultimate V1.2 All dashboards inc 16507, 16203, 16202, 16197, 15574, 15572 & earlier Only for Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 & 1532 Drives because the DVDROM boards were not writeable
iXtremeLT+2.01 14719 / 14717 / 14699 & earlier Available for Toshiba-Samsung drives only. LT3.0 equivalent as drive has no AP25 protection.
iXtreme LT+ 2.0 13604, 13599 & earlier XGD3 Game Format Support. LT3.0 equivalent for pre-78 Hitachi Drives as drive has no AP25 protection
iXtreme LT+1.91 13604, 13599 & earlier AP26 Game Support
iXtreme LT+1.9 13146,12625 & earlier Rootkit Technology, XGD3 originals support
iXtreme LT+1.1 12625 & earlier Xbox 1 Support, PFI correction
iXtreme LT+ 12625, 12611, 9199 & earlier AP2.5 Support & Lite Touch Patching
Pre-iXtreme LT+ iXtreme 1.61, 1.6, 1.5, … Before Lite Touch Patching – dealt with Wave protection – LT+ is however waveless